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Hero Training: The Pulling to Safety Workout

11 Jan

Courtesy of website the Art of Manliness, here is a huge workout which Evan and I tried a couple months ago.

Let’s set the scene:

You’re headed down a crocodile-infested river with the bad guys in hot pursuit, fedora on your head, and a waterfall fast approaching around the bend. The current is strong, rendering the oars attached to your boat virtually useless. Getting out of the boat is not an option; the current would sweep you under and towards the waterfall.

It’s just you and your cargo: a beautiful young lady caught up in a mess that you are now responsible for fixing.

You notice a tree branch up ahead hanging over the river. If you can grab onto the branch as you pass under it, you can climb to safety with the young lady on your back, watching as your boat goes crashing over the falls.

It’s a do or die situation. There’s just one question:

Do you have the strength? Continue reading

Motivational Video of the Day: New Year, New You

3 Jan

It’s a new year which means another 365 days. What are you going to do with them? Check out this video out for some daily motivation:

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Today in Motivation: Nike Ads (Videos)

23 Dec

(The Seibald videos were decent, but we found better)

There’s no motivation like Nike commercial motivation. Check out these videos and after get up, go out and get better. We’ll give you one video before the jump and one video after. Enjoy!

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Villanova Lacrosse Fall Training Check-in (VIDEOS)

22 Dec

It seems like every team is trying their own form of training to get the competitive edge come the Spring. We’ve shown you the military regiments some programs have been using but today we present Villanova lax which has been trying some Strongman training to get them ready for the season. Anyone familiar with a Division One lacrosse program knows that early morning wake-ups (yup, 5ish am) are the norm and it’s even harder to get going, but these studs look like they’re pushing themselves to the limit. I’m sure it’ll pay huge dividends.  Continue reading

Some Motivation and Workout Tunes

20 Dec

We all have “those” days. The days we don’t want to workout or even get out of bed. Basically, we don’t want to do anything. I feel ya. This is why we’re going to release videos, as we find them, to give that extra motivation you need to get out there and hit the wall, get some conditioning in, or move those weights. Today, we have an “unofficial” Nike commercial. Some of the best motivation I’ve ever seen, especially for lacrosse players. Since we don’t have a professional league and pro lax players aren’t walking down the street getting stopped by babes left and right, it all comes down to doing it for the love of the sport and to make ourselves better people. Truly inspirational. Be the best you can be. Check it out… Continue reading

Today in Workout Motivation:

17 Dec

Get your fix before your workout today. Check these monsters on the sleds and in the weight room. I’ve heard from a bunch of friends that they don’t think that lifting is that important for lacrosse…that’s because they don’t work out. Lifting will get your stronger, faster and therefore better.

Whether you’re in middle school, high school or college, understand now that strength and speed training is the best thing you can do to get to the next level. Continue reading

Get ready for the season with S&C Coach Sean Holmes

9 Dec

Check out Sean Holmes’ Strength and Conditioning workout vid with Dan Dawson of the NLL’s Philadelphia Wings

Had the pleasure of working with this beauty this entire summer in Toronto, Canada. Hands down one of the best strength and conditioning coaches north of the boarder and has the clients to prove it.  Continue reading