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Rutgers Men’s Lacrosse Training (Video)

3 Jan

Got a little something from the guys over at Rutgers. They put together a new video of their fall and soon to be winter training. They use the sled and much much more as they get ready for the 2012 lacrosse season. What are you doing to get better today?

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Some Swag: Denver, SFU, Hopkins Helmets

26 Dec

We got a couple pictures of last year’s helmets and Simon Fraser’s helmets for 2012. Pretty sick. Especially loving the Hopkins Helmets, they broke the wings out for the tournament last year and we have a close up for you guys. After that we have the Denver helmets for 2012, pretty interesting color scheme, can’t say that I love them, but I’ll leave the final decision up to you guys. Finally, got some swag from the MCLA, Simon Fraiser from out West competes down in the States with all the big programs (Oregon, BYU etc.) they have a pretty classic helmet this year. Check them out.

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Bucknell Lacrosse Workout (Video)

19 Dec

Here’s a vid of the Bucknell team getting huge in the weight room. Some guys are moving some serious weight. For all those high-school kids who think that lifting isn’t a huge factor in getting recruited, imagine showing up to the first day of lift and trying to stick with these kids. Get your workouts in order. Check out our strength and conditioning articles by Inside Lacrosse featured trainer Sean Holmes by clicking on the “Workout” category on your right. What are you doing to get better?

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