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Dartmouth Swag: What’s To Come

7 Jan

The Dartmouth team just got back from Winter Break and before we knew it, we were going through “the Program,” a Navy SEAL/US military training course which definitely jump started the road to the 2012 season. After that, probably as a reward for finishing, the coach sprung some near gear for the returning players and new freshmen. We’ll be posting an in depth photo of our new year presents, but for now, check what one sophomore had is his locker.

Michigan Lacrosse (Videos)

28 Dec

Michigan lacrosse is at it again with some of the best produced videos to get you going for the new season. A lot of footage from their MCLA days (obviously since they just went D1) but they put together a pretty powerful couple videos. Michigan lacrosse will be on the rise this year and I’m sure they’ll be a powerhouse before you know it. With each recruiting class stronger than the year before and with the dope facilities they’ve got, how long do you think it’ll take? In the meantime, check these videos out.

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Motivational Video of the Day + Syracuse Championship Video

27 Dec

Tis the season and it’s also time to appreciate all that we’ve been given. I came across this video about true grit and motivation. A video story about a transformation from non-existance to stardom. Especially after the holidays, it’s time to get back to work. Hope this gets you halfway there. Happy holidays everyone! Continue reading

Year in Review: Brawls of 2011

25 Dec

Got you guys a compilation today of the best from the West (Western Canada that is) Some pretty good fights included, great quality video. I’d watch it again.

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One of the BEST Lacrosse Videos I’ve Ever Seen

24 Dec

Probably one of the most powerful lacrosse videos I’ve ever seen and I’m proud to say that the Dartmouth lacrosse team could be a part of the social change around the world. It’s from a couple years ago, but that doesn’t mean that it’s any less powerful. If there was one video on this blog that I could recommend, it would definitely be this one. It’s about a team faced with uncertain change but eventually a team that become stronger because of it. Please, please, PLEASE check this out. Continue reading

UNC Swag: Nike Vapor Gloves

23 Dec

Last part of the series on the Nike Vapor Gloves, for this year at least. 2012 is going to be huge. We have a lot of material for you guys. Pictures coming in from most D1 programs, a couple D2 and D3 programs we’ve got all their gear, apparel, footwear, helmets etc. Pretty much you’ll see their entire setup.

Today we’re bringing you the UNC Nike Vapor Gloves. Classic UNC Carolina Blue as always in a blue base and a white base. Swag. Continue reading