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Year in Review: STX College Assault Gloves – Maryland, Penn State, Hopkins and More

27 Dec

Time to look back on another year of lax and obviously, this means a look back on some of the best swag. The STX Assaults gloves look pretty grimy in the general release colors but STX college teams have been getting the hookup. Check out the Assault gloves Maryland, Cornell, UNC, Penn State, Hofstra and Ohio State got hooked up with in 2011 and stay tuned for next year’s editions. Continue reading

Cornell Swag: All White/Red Gloves

21 Dec

Cornell does it again with two fresh, clean gloves. Two of three which we’ll be showing you guys. Thanks to our friends over at Lacrosse Playground for the new looks. What do you guys think?

Dartmouth Lacrosse: Highlights 2011

21 Dec

A couple of highlight of the 2011 Dartmouth lax season for you guys. We’ll be posting new videos once the entire squad’s back up at school including a video of them going through “the Program” – a two day program designed and run by the Navy SEALSs. If you want a taste of it right now, check out the Dartmouth women’s hockey team which went through a modified version this past fall:

After the jump, check out some highlights of the Men’s lax team against Colgate, Princeton, Duke, UNC etc made by our man Eddie Zapata.  Continue reading