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Marist Swag: Lockers + STX Equipment

19 Jan

Marist lacrosse gets a huge upgrade this year with some new STX equipment. Get a look inside their locker room and lockers today with this video. Have an eye for the commemorative locker for one of their fallen teammates. That’s the definition of friendship, respect and family. Check it out. Continue reading

Investigating Swag: (Video)

30 Dec

Because of the customization available in lacrosse, we have probably the most definitions of swag of any sport. Whether you rep the traditional, plainer look, tilt your bucket or rock the neon colors on the field, one person’s definition of swag could be drastically different than another person’s definition. We’ve seen these days that college lacrosse programs have also begun redefining their own game day gear to reflect this change, just look at Syracuse this year and their throwbacks and Volt playoff gear. Their look completely contrasts a more traditional look in Harvard’s Crimson game day gear. We could call this swag sickness…check out this video on swag. Continue reading

Looking Forward: College Lacrosse Gear 2012 Preview (Navy Lax)

30 Dec

2012 is just around corner and that means more gear for college lacrosse teams around the United States. We’ve been compiling all the photos for the past month and we’ve gotten some pretty sick new swag to show everyone out there. We’re going to give you a little preview today with a look at the Navy STX set-up for the 2012 season. They got the hook-up with the new Cell IIs and Assault lines.

Keep on checking back for our weekly updates on new gear and remember to like our Facebook page! First giveaway at 100 likes! Continue reading

Some Penn State Chin-Strap Swag

25 Dec

I don’t think anyone with the exception of ‘Cuse has gotten this type of swag. With everything that’s gone on at Penn State, glad to know they got at least one thing right. I love the new customization that Cascade’s been offering. Last year they released the colored chrome cages and this year they’ve gone to customizable chin-straps. What’s next?


Hopkins Swag: Nike Vapor Gloves

24 Dec

We got a little Blue Jays for you today. Straight from the Nike Headquarters. Check these bad boys out. Nike mock-up for the Vapors. Two color schemes, endless awesome. Check back tomorrow for the UNC Nike gloves. Until then check the Jays out… Continue reading

UNC Swag: Nike Vapor Gloves

23 Dec

Last part of the series on the Nike Vapor Gloves, for this year at least. 2012 is going to be huge. We have a lot of material for you guys. Pictures coming in from most D1 programs, a couple D2 and D3 programs we’ve got all their gear, apparel, footwear, helmets etc. Pretty much you’ll see their entire setup.

Today we’re bringing you the UNC Nike Vapor Gloves. Classic UNC Carolina Blue as always in a blue base and a white base. Swag. Continue reading

Cornell Swag: All White/Red Gloves

21 Dec

Cornell does it again with two fresh, clean gloves. Two of three which we’ll be showing you guys. Thanks to our friends over at Lacrosse Playground for the new looks. What do you guys think?