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STX Handles: ‘Cuse, Penn State, OSU, JHU, Navy and Cornell

31 Jan

Some pretty legit handles for the STX sponsored school teams first on IL. I’ve never been a huge fan of gaudy sticks since I’ve always preferred one colored shafts but with Dartmouth rocking neonish green Maverik Wonderboys for the 2012 season, I’ve have a slight change of heart. Check out these pictures after the jump.

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Year in Review: STX College Assault Gloves – Maryland, Penn State, Hopkins and More

27 Dec

Time to look back on another year of lax and obviously, this means a look back on some of the best swag. The STX Assaults gloves look pretty grimy in the general release colors but STX college teams have been getting the hookup. Check out the Assault gloves Maryland, Cornell, UNC, Penn State, Hofstra and Ohio State got hooked up with in 2011 and stay tuned for next year’s editions. Continue reading

Some Penn State Chin-Strap Swag

25 Dec

I don’t think anyone with the exception of ‘Cuse has gotten this type of swag. With everything that’s gone on at Penn State, glad to know they got at least one thing right. I love the new customization that Cascade’s been offering. Last year they released the colored chrome cages and this year they’ve gone to customizable chin-straps. What’s next?