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Duke vs. Notre Dame: Down Goes Duke (Video Highlights)

25 Feb

Another great matchup with the Blue Devils coming up VERY short in a lopsided game against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Still some great action though and some physicality on both ends.

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We’re Back: Notre Dame 360 All Access Episode 1

20 Feb

Sorry for the temporary absence, exam week was a little rougher than expected in Hanover, NH. Don’t worry though, we’ve been keeping our ear to the ground concerning all things lacrosse. There’s nothing like a great video to kick things off now. Check out episode 1 of the Notre Dame 360 All Access inside their program. Part 1 of 3. Tune back for more info and episodes. Continue reading

On the Field With Notre Dame Lax: GoPro Cameras (Video)

19 Dec

See the game through someone else’s eyes. I’ve been a fan of GoPro Cameras because you get that unique view. Unfortunately, most times the videos suck. I was sent these three high quality videos by a friend (thanks TW) and I watched them and can tell you, these videos are the real deal. Continue reading

Notre Dame Lax: Christmas in September

10 Dec

There’s nothing like gear day and some fresh new swag. Arguably what makes the early mornings worth it in the end. Check out the studs at Notre Dame who get hooked up with the newest from Maverik lacrosse.