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Buy Your Nike Performance Football Crew Socks 2012 Now – Early Limited Release

8 Jan

We just found out that Nike is releasing the Football Crew Socks for 2012 in limited quantities on the website. Check out some of the pictures then see the link to get your pair now: Continue reading

Some Motivation and Workout Tunes

20 Dec

We all have “those” days. The days we don’t want to workout or even get out of bed. Basically, we don’t want to do anything. I feel ya. This is why we’re going to release videos, as we find them, to give that extra motivation you need to get out there and hit the wall, get some conditioning in, or move those weights. Today, we have an “unofficial” Nike commercial. Some of the best motivation I’ve ever seen, especially for lacrosse players. Since we don’t have a professional league and pro lax players aren’t walking down the street getting stopped by babes left and right, it all comes down to doing it for the love of the sport and to make ourselves better people. Truly inspirational. Be the best you can be. Check it out… Continue reading