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Motivational Video of the Day

11 Jan

Stumbled across this video yesterday and definitely struck me as being true. Too often, we make excuses for not getting out but it’s often these exact obstacles and hurdles which make the workout, jog or training worthwhile in the end. I was pretty impressed by this Nike commercial. Came out a while ago, but the values are timeless. Get after it. Continue reading

Motivational Video of the Day and Some Workout Tunes: 2012 1st Edition

6 Jan

I’m reposting this video because I don’t think I did it enough justice the first time around. I’ve seen this video a bunch of times since I first discovered it and it is not only very well filmed, but has great depth to it as well. I’m proud to say that this individual is from my hometown, Toronto. If you haven’t already checked this video out, here’s one of many videos he’s produced and if you want to check some more videos by the same guy out and some workout tunes, click for the jump… Continue reading

Motivational Video of the Day: New Year, New You

3 Jan

It’s a new year which means another 365 days. What are you going to do with them? Check out this video out for some daily motivation:

Continue reading

Motivational Video of the Day + Syracuse Championship Video

27 Dec

Tis the season and it’s also time to appreciate all that we’ve been given. I came across this video about true grit and motivation. A video story about a transformation from non-existance to stardom. Especially after the holidays, it’s time to get back to work. Hope this gets you halfway there. Happy holidays everyone! Continue reading