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NLL Highlights (Video)

18 Jan

If you’re looking for examples of great hands, stick skills etc (albeit one handed) look no further than the NLL where lacrosse’s best compete. Definitely worth checking out to get some new ideas on how to get around a defender or make a cool no look pass.

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Highlight Tape 3D Blue Chip

5 Jan

Never really been a fan of highlight tapes, it’s like going on a date with the “perfect girl” when in reality she’s a mess. Nevertheless, I came across this highlight tape from the class of 2016. Wait, that’s…15,14, 13….nope 11 years of age if my math serves me correctly. That, or the kid is completely running the tables and failing classes left and right, let’s hope not. Regardless, here it is, check it out. Probably some of the filthiest highlights from an 11 year old I’ve ever seen. Continue reading

Dartmouth Campaign Update.

14 Dec

Seasons greetings,

My man Eddie Zapata put this together for us last year. This year, we’ve got a new video in the pipelines that takes it to the next level.

Your mayor,

+ tunes:

Afrojack and Steve Aoki ft. Miss Palmer – No Beef (Vocal Mix)