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Maryland Swag: Under Armour Gloves

11 Jan

Courtesy of Inside Lacrosse

Maryland’s sure to be wearing more than one custom glove this season, but here’s one of Under Armour’s first mock ups for the Terps’ Player glove. Continue reading

Dartmouth Swag: What’s To Come

7 Jan

The Dartmouth team just got back from Winter Break and before we knew it, we were going through “the Program,” a Navy SEAL/US military training course which definitely jump started the road to the 2012 season. After that, probably as a reward for finishing, the coach sprung some near gear for the returning players and new freshmen. We’ll be posting an in depth photo of our new year presents, but for now, check what one sophomore had is his locker.

Rutgers Men’s Lacrosse Training (Video)

3 Jan

Got a little something from the guys over at Rutgers. They put together a new video of their fall and soon to be winter training. They use the sled and much much more as they get ready for the 2012 lacrosse season. What are you doing to get better today?

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Michigan Lacrosse (Videos)

28 Dec

Michigan lacrosse is at it again with some of the best produced videos to get you going for the new season. A lot of footage from their MCLA days (obviously since they just went D1) but they put together a pretty powerful couple videos. Michigan lacrosse will be on the rise this year and I’m sure they’ll be a powerhouse before you know it. With each recruiting class stronger than the year before and with the dope facilities they’ve got, how long do you think it’ll take? In the meantime, check these videos out.

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Syracuse Swag: Nike Vapor Gloves

22 Dec

This is part one of three. We’re just about as happy as those Syracuse cheerleaders. We just got the hook-up for this year’s UNC, ‘Cuse and Hopkins Nike Gloves. Give them a look.

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Villanova Lacrosse Fall Training Check-in (VIDEOS)

22 Dec

It seems like every team is trying their own form of training to get the competitive edge come the Spring. We’ve shown you the military regiments some programs have been using but today we present Villanova lax which has been trying some Strongman training to get them ready for the season. Anyone familiar with a Division One lacrosse program knows that early morning wake-ups (yup, 5ish am) are the norm and it’s even harder to get going, but these studs look like they’re pushing themselves to the limit. I’m sure it’ll pay huge dividends.  Continue reading

Dartmouth Lacrosse: Highlights 2011

21 Dec

A couple of highlight of the 2011 Dartmouth lax season for you guys. We’ll be posting new videos once the entire squad’s back up at school including a video of them going through “the Program” – a two day program designed and run by the Navy SEALSs. If you want a taste of it right now, check out the Dartmouth women’s hockey team which went through a modified version this past fall:

After the jump, check out some highlights of the Men’s lax team against Colgate, Princeton, Duke, UNC etc made by our man Eddie Zapata.  Continue reading