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Yale University – Lax.com Ivy League Preview

25 Jan

Looks like we missed more than one preview in our little hiatus during the past couple days. Here’s round two of the lax.com Ivy League lacrosse previews. From New Haven to your computers, check it out. Continue reading

Lax.com Brown Lacrosse Season Preview

25 Jan

Sorry for the lack of posts over the past couple days, it’s exam time up in Hanover which just wrapped up this morning. But without further delay, coming at you live with a bunch of new posts today, here’s what you missed during the last couple days. Check out the next Brown lacrosse Ivy League lacrosse preview by Lax.com. Continue reading

Ivy League Lacrosse Trailer 2012

13 Jan

Lax.com went around to each Ivy League school and got an in depth look at each program. Here’s a pretty epic trailer for the upcoming videos which they’ll be releasing and we’ll be posting on this site. Get excited and we’ll be getting back to you…