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World Junior Hockey Championships Start Today!

26 Dec

The day after Christmas is important to us Canadians for two reasons: Boxing Day (for shopping) and the start of the World Junior Hockey Championships. I don’t know if you guys down in the states have heard but we take our puck pretty seriously

24/7 Rangers-Flyers: Episode 2 – Check it Out

25 Dec

First off, merry christmas to everyone out there. Hope Santa brought everyone something sweet this year. Here’s my little present to you guys. I can’t say enough about the 24/7 mini-documentaries. I watched Episode One of Rangers-Flyers 24/7 and checked out Episode Two as it was released a couple days ago. For your look inside the NHL and probably two of the most storied hockey franchises, you have to check this series out. I’ve included the link for your guys below. Don’t miss out. Continue reading

Rangers-Flyers: Road to the 2012 Winter Classic

16 Dec

Last year, HBO gave us the Pens-Caps  24/7 series, probably one of the best documentaries and an intimate look inside two of the most storied franchises in the NHL.

This year, we have the Rangers-Flyers, an good rivalry and even better epic series. Here’s episode one. You can thank me later…

Episode One Full:

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