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Hopkins Swag: Nike Vapor Gloves

24 Dec

We got a little Blue Jays for you today. Straight from the Nike Headquarters. Check these bad boys out. Nike mock-up for the Vapors. Two color schemes, endless awesome. Check back tomorrow for the UNC Nike gloves. Until then check the Jays out… Continue reading

UNC Swag: Nike Vapor Gloves

23 Dec

Last part of the series on the Nike Vapor Gloves, for this year at least. 2012 is going to be huge. We have a lot of material for you guys. Pictures coming in from most D1 programs, a couple D2 and D3 programs we’ve got all their gear, apparel, footwear, helmets etc. Pretty much you’ll see their entire setup.

Today we’re bringing you the UNC Nike Vapor Gloves. Classic UNC Carolina Blue as always in a blue base and a white base. Swag. Continue reading

Duke Lacrosse Game Day Gear: All Black Everything

20 Dec

Props to IL for these looks but we just had to share these pics of last year’s Duke Blue Devils all black getup. This is the second part of our series which we’ll be starting in 2012 where we’ll be posting exclusive pictures of the swag from D1 programs around the country. Meaning no blog but us will have these pictures. You better get excited. I know we are. Until then, feast your eyes on 30+ pictures and please don’t droll. Last time we had Delaware’s swag¬†and we’ll keep pumping out Dmouth gear on the go.

Continue reading

Check out the Spider Head by Maverik

15 Dec

Maverik has stepped up its R&D game lately and has released some dope gear. After merging with Bauer, they’ve been producing some of the most advanced and cutting edge equipment in the game. Don’t think college teams haven’t been taking notice. Maverik recently signed a contract with Colgate and you’ve already seen the swag Notre Dame’s¬†gotten hooked up with. Expect to see the Maverik Spider Head as the head of choice for attackmen and midfielders for the 2012 season.

Notre Dame Lax: Christmas in September

10 Dec

There’s nothing like gear day and some fresh new swag. Arguably what makes the early mornings worth it in the end. Check out the studs at Notre Dame who get hooked up with the newest from Maverik lacrosse.