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Lax.com Dartmouth Preview

20 Jan

Filmed during the fall, this video is the second part of the Ivy League series by Lax.com. Definitely getting the team pumped for the season. Without further delay, check it out. Continue reading

Dartmouth Lacrosse: Update

19 Jan

The Winter Break has been over for 2 weeks and the guys on the lacrosse team have been gearing up for the 2012 season with lifts, conditioning and individual sessions. Not officially released yet, but there are 3 new captains in addition to Senior Captain Kip Dooley…Stay tuned for more info.

Inside Lacrosse NCAA Preview: Dartmouth Lacrosse

17 Jan

Courtesy of Inside Lacrosse

After finishing 1-5 within the Ivy League last season and 5-9 overall, Dartmouth is preparing for the 2012 season differently than in the past. With changes with how they train and a freshman class that is full of character guys who represent the culture third-year coach Andy Towers is trying to instill, the Big Green are hoping to be a threat within the deep Ivy League. Continue reading

Dartmouth Lacrosse: Some Pictures and Video

10 Jan

Part of playing lacrosse in the Northeast involves dealing with the snow…lots of it. Last October, we got a little peak for what’s going to come (or not come at this point) this winter with a lot of snowfall during practice. Check out this video and some pictures of the lax team after the jump.

Coming up this week will be a pictures of the apparel that the team got this year.

Continue reading

Dartmouth Swag: What’s To Come

7 Jan

The Dartmouth team just got back from Winter Break and before we knew it, we were going through “the Program,” a Navy SEAL/US military training course which definitely jump started the road to the 2012 season. After that, probably as a reward for finishing, the coach sprung some near gear for the returning players and new freshmen. We’ll be posting an in depth photo of our new year presents, but for now, check what one sophomore had is his locker.

One of the BEST Lacrosse Videos I’ve Ever Seen

24 Dec

Probably one of the most powerful lacrosse videos I’ve ever seen and I’m proud to say that the Dartmouth lacrosse team could be a part of the social change around the world. It’s from a couple years ago, but that doesn’t mean that it’s any less powerful. If there was one video on this blog that I could recommend, it would definitely be this one. It’s about a team faced with uncertain change but eventually a team that become stronger because of it. Please, please, PLEASE check this out. Continue reading

Dartmouth Lacrosse in October (Pics)

22 Dec

You know it’s New England weather when you get snow in October. Check these three pictures a particularly snowy mid-October practice. It’s something you’d only expect in January and February.