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Lax.com Ivy League Preview: Harvard

20 Jan

Lax.com is putting out a video series profiling the Ivy Leagues schools before the 2012 season. This week, we get a look at the crew in Cambridge. Have a look… Continue reading

Marist Swag: Lockers + STX Equipment

19 Jan

Marist lacrosse gets a huge upgrade this year with some new STX equipment. Get a look inside their locker room and lockers today with this video. Have an eye for the commemorative locker for one of their fallen teammates. That’s the definition of friendship, respect and family. Check it out. Continue reading

Ivy League Lacrosse Trailer 2012

13 Jan

Lax.com went around to each Ivy League school and got an in depth look at each program. Here’s a pretty epic trailer for the upcoming videos which they’ll be releasing and we’ll be posting on this site. Get excited and we’ll be getting back to you…


Bellarmine Swag: Warrior Macdaddy 3’s

12 Jan

Courtesy of Lacrosse Playground.

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Maryland Swag: Under Armour Gloves

11 Jan

Courtesy of Inside Lacrosse

Maryland’s sure to be wearing more than one custom glove this season, but here’s one of Under Armour’s first mock ups for the Terps’ Player glove. Continue reading

Dartmouth Lacrosse: Some Pictures and Video

10 Jan

Part of playing lacrosse in the Northeast involves dealing with the snow…lots of it. Last October, we got a little peak for what’s going to come (or not come at this point) this winter with a lot of snowfall during practice. Check out this video and some pictures of the lax team after the jump.

Coming up this week will be a pictures of the apparel that the team got this year.

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Dartmouth Swag: What’s To Come

7 Jan

The Dartmouth team just got back from Winter Break and before we knew it, we were going through “the Program,” a Navy SEAL/US military training course which definitely jump started the road to the 2012 season. After that, probably as a reward for finishing, the coach sprung some near gear for the returning players and new freshmen. We’ll be posting an in depth photo of our new year presents, but for now, check what one sophomore had is his locker.