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Cornell Swag: 2012 STX Assault Gear

10 Jan


Courtesy of STX lacrosse, we get our first looks at the Cornell gear for 2012. Of course, as a STX sponsored school, they get the top of the line gear. Check out the logos on all their gear after the jump. Continue reading

Dartmouth Lacrosse: Highlights 2011

21 Dec

A couple of highlight of the 2011 Dartmouth lax season for you guys. We’ll be posting new videos once the entire squad’s back up at school including a video of them going through “the Program” – a two day program designed and run by the Navy SEALSs. If you want a taste of it right now, check out the Dartmouth women’s hockey team which went through a modified version this past fall:

After the jump, check out some highlights of the Men’s lax team against Colgate, Princeton, Duke, UNC etc made by our man Eddie Zapata.  Continue reading