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2012 College Lacrosse Preview (Video)

30 Jan

Here’s a 2012 college lacrosse preview with some of the best clips from 2011. With the first college lacrosse games yesterday, there’s no better time than now for a video like this.

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Merrimack Lacrosse Trailer – Inception

17 Jan

The start of NCAA lacrosse is right around the corner and everyone’s been gearing up for an exciting new season. D2 Merrimack has been getting after it with this Inception based trailed for their 2012 season. If you’re not impressed by that, check out this 2012 college lacrosse preseason video as well. Continue reading

Investigating Swag: (Video)

30 Dec

Because of the customization available in lacrosse, we have probably the most definitions of swag of any sport. Whether you rep the traditional, plainer look, tilt your bucket or rock the neon colors on the field, one person’s definition of swag could be drastically different than another person’s definition. We’ve seen these days that college lacrosse programs have also begun redefining their own game day gear to reflect this change, just look at Syracuse this year and their throwbacks and Volt playoff gear. Their look completely contrasts a more traditional look in Harvard’s Crimson game day gear. We could call this swag sickness…check out this video on swag. Continue reading

Looking Forward: College Lacrosse Gear 2012 Preview (Navy Lax)

30 Dec

2012 is just around corner and that means more gear for college lacrosse teams around the United States. We’ve been compiling all the photos for the past month and we’ve gotten some pretty sick new swag to show everyone out there. We’re going to give you a little preview today with a look at the Navy STX set-up for the 2012 season. They got the hook-up with the new Cell IIs and Assault lines.

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Year in Review: STX College Assault Gloves – Maryland, Penn State, Hopkins and More

27 Dec

Time to look back on another year of lax and obviously, this means a look back on some of the best swag. The STX Assaults gloves look pretty grimy in the general release colors but STX college teams have been getting the hookup. Check out the Assault gloves Maryland, Cornell, UNC, Penn State, Hofstra and Ohio State got hooked up with in 2011 and stay tuned for next year’s editions. Continue reading

S&C with Sean Holmes: The Importance of the Warmup

26 Dec

Every week we’ll be posting a Strength and Conditioning article from Inside Lacrosse featured S&C Coach Sean Holmes. He’s one of the best in the business and will hands down get you quicker, stronger, and more agile. Get smart and get better. This week, Sean talks about the importance of warmups Continue reading

One of the BEST Lacrosse Videos I’ve Ever Seen

24 Dec

Probably one of the most powerful lacrosse videos I’ve ever seen and I’m proud to say that the Dartmouth lacrosse team could be a part of the social change around the world. It’s from a couple years ago, but that doesn’t mean that it’s any less powerful. If there was one video on this blog that I could recommend, it would definitely be this one. It’s about a team faced with uncertain change but eventually a team that become stronger because of it. Please, please, PLEASE check this out. Continue reading