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Crossover-Skills: The Canadian-American Dynamic

26 Jan

Growing up playing box lacrosse, I see (sometimes) how box lacrosse skills can transfer over to field lacrosse. Here’s a great article by someone who articulates the Canadian-American box/field lacrosse dynamic. Courtesy of Laxmagazine.com¬†and author Joel Censer.

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Fight Club: Round One Knockout

24 Dec

We have a fight today brought to you a Jr. B box lacrosse game. To be honest, when I first watched the video, I thought the result would be completely opposite and I cannot believe the guy got the knockout. Not only does he gets the knock-out he jogs back to his corner after. Continue reading

Fight Club: Goalie Fight

22 Dec

Rarely are we blessed with a goalie on goalie brawl but today, we have such an opportunity. Enjoy! Continue reading

Fight Club: David versus Goliath

20 Dec

So here I was finding you guys a fight and I happen about this vid. The first guy you see is pretty decent sized until you seen the giant that comes in from off screen. Results are, interestingly enough, in favor of the feisty smaller guy. Big trees fall hard. Continue reading