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Today in Motivation: Nike Ads (Videos)

23 Dec

(The Seibald videos were decent, but we found better)

There’s no motivation like Nike commercial motivation. Check out these videos and after get up, go out and get better. We’ll give you one video before the jump and one video after. Enjoy!

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Villanova Lacrosse Fall Training Check-in (VIDEOS)

22 Dec

It seems like every team is trying their own form of training to get the competitive edge come the Spring. We’ve shown you the military regiments some programs have been using but today we present Villanova lax which has been trying some Strongman training to get them ready for the season. Anyone familiar with a Division One lacrosse program knows that early morning wake-ups (yup, 5ish am) are the norm and it’s even harder to get going, but these studs look like they’re pushing themselves to the limit. I’m sure it’ll pay huge dividends.  Continue reading

Cornell Swag: All White/Red Gloves

21 Dec

Cornell does it again with two fresh, clean gloves. Two of three which we’ll be showing you guys. Thanks to our friends over at Lacrosse Playground for the new looks. What do you guys think?