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Tomorrowland Trailer (Video)

25 Jan

One of the best videos I’ve been meaning to post up lately. If you’re heard of Ultra and EDC, then you have to check this video out and if you haven’t, you have to check this video out too…

From One Dictator to Another (MUST WATCH TRAILER)

19 Dec


If you haven’t heard, Ol’ Kim Jong just peaced this world at the epic age of 69 and somehow left an entire country crying over his death. Can’t blame them though, they don’t know what they’re missing…like electricity and running water. So congratulations are in order for a country that is about to have its world rocked as it’s welcomed into the 21st century.

Speaking of dictators, you guys HAVE to check out this trailer with Sasha Baron Cohen and Megan Fox among others. Early nominee for funniest movie of the summer. Behold:

And if you were like me and wanted to know what Jay-Z soundtrack that was. I found that too. Cheers!

What the Marine Corps Can Teach Us All About Motivation and Leadership

17 Dec

I spent summer 2011 training at the beautiful Marine Corps Base Quantico, in Quantico, Virginia. While there, I learned many valuable things, and in the Marine Corps tradition, I learned them the hard way. I was there for only six weeks, but in just that tiny period, the Marine Corps taught me lessons that I wish I had known for my entire life.

Well, it’s your lucky day, because I’m sparing you all the misery and yelling and sharing all the gold…

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Winter Workout Playlist and Michigan Lax (Video)

16 Dec

You gotta check out the Michigan lax team getting serious. Prove yourself.

Fall term’s over and everyone’s headed home for the winter break. Time to get your pre-season lifts in to get that quicker first step or so you can lay some heavy lumber come springtime.

That being said, here are some tunes to get you through the workouts:

Avicii – Levels (Cazzette NYC Mode Radio Edit) – the best Avicii Levels remix. Eargasm.

Laidback Luke – Resurrecting Timebombs (Fareoh Bootleg) – beat drops at 1:00. Don’t look back after that.

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Dartmouth Campaign Update.

14 Dec

Seasons greetings,

My man Eddie Zapata put this together for us last year. This year, we’ve got a new video in the pipelines that takes it to the next level.

Your mayor,

+ tunes:

Afrojack and Steve Aoki ft. Miss Palmer – No Beef (Vocal Mix)