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Delaware Men’s Lacrosse: Preview 2012 (Video)

8 Feb

With many Division 1 programs starting up this weekend or next, some are releasing their 2012 previews. All have very optimistic expectations for the upcoming season. Let’s see who makes it…Here’s Delaware’s 2012 preview. Enjoy. Continue reading

Georgetown Lacrosse: Strength and Conditioning Fall 2011

8 Feb

If there’s any difference between in season and off season, it’s the lifting. Here’s a video I came across about the Georgetown lacrosse program in the weight room during the fall of 2011 getting stronger for their 2012 campaign. Continue reading

JL3 Productions: 2012 College Lacrosse Promo

1 Feb

A couple days ago we threw up a 2012 college promo but here we have the “official” preseason video by Josh Lane productions. Some of the best college montages have been by this guy over the past couple years so it’s always well worth the wait. Continue reading

MOTIVATION: Think you can’t? Wrong.

31 Jan

My motto to get in an extra workout tomorrow morning comes from my boy Mark Herzlich.

Motivation.. dedication

Next time you think you can’t, take a step back and realize how…

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Team One: Michigan Lacrosse Judgement Day

23 Jan

The Dartmouth Team went through it the week we got back to school and it may look as if moving logs and sandbags is a joke but let me tell you from first-hand experience, when it’s snowing outside and you can’t feel your hands, feet…or anything really, it sucks…a lot. The 2nd day was the day which really gets you. Try treading water for 3 hours changing in and out of water-logged sweatsuits. Dartmouth video coming out Feb. 1st. Until then, check out the Wolverines… Continue reading

Motivational Video and Some Tunes

18 Jan

Maryland takes cares of their athletes. Today, check out Maryland football in the weight room getting big. Want to play for the best? Work so that you deserve it.

To get you there, check out some ever more motivational tunes.

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Sound Off & Vote: NYG Shout Out

17 Jan


My boys doing big things, so pumped for Sunday night ya’ll have no idea.  Click the picture to see how to cele like a boss.  Continue reading