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Colgate Swag: Rome Gloves

3 Feb

I’ve had an eye out lately for any Maverik Rome gloves to see how ours matches up with theirs. I came across Colgate’s Romes a couple days ago and just remembered to put it up. See them live on Feb. 25th. See the real thing after the jump. Continue reading

Decals out of Dartmouth: Cascade Pro7

3 Feb

The team got their decals for the 2012 season on the last day of individuals before Feb. 1st. Team’s going back to a more traditional look with the D on both sides and a little fancy name and number work in between on the back. Take a look after the jump. Continue reading

STX Handles: ‘Cuse, Penn State, OSU, JHU, Navy and Cornell

31 Jan

Some pretty legit handles for the STX sponsored school teams first on IL. I’ve never been a huge fan of gaudy sticks since I’ve always preferred one colored shafts but with Dartmouth rocking neonish green Maverik Wonderboys for the 2012 season, I’ve have a slight change of heart. Check out these pictures after the jump.

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Princeton Swag: Custom Warrior Burn 5.0

27 Jan

Some sweet Warrior cleats for Princeton lacrosse. Definitely getting some extra special treatment over in New Jersey. Check out some more pictures after the jump. Continue reading

Duke Lacrosse: 2012 Brine Lacrosse

25 Jan

Check out some new looks from down in Raleigh courtesy of Inside Lacrosse. The Duke Lacrosse team got their hands (literally) in the new Brine Triumph Gloves for their 2012 season. I don’t know if I’m a fan of polka-dot looking gloves but what do I know. What do you guys think? Continue reading

Marist Swag: Lockers + STX Equipment

19 Jan

Marist lacrosse gets a huge upgrade this year with some new STX equipment. Get a look inside their locker room and lockers today with this video. Have an eye for the commemorative locker for one of their fallen teammates. That’s the definition of friendship, respect and family. Check it out. Continue reading

John Hopkins Swag: STX Cell II

18 Jan

We’ve seen a lot from STX mostly featuring their Assault line. But here we have the Blue Jays shaking it up with some Cell II gear. Looking pretty good but in my opinion, I think that the blue is a little much.

The Cell2 line features isoBLOX™ technology that delivers flexible protection in key areas. The Cell2 technology allows for  compact, snug-fitting equipment with excellent protection and flexibility.

The Cell2 glove has a closed-cell mesh palm that offers maximum comfort, durability and feel. It has a sweat-wicking liner to keep your hand cool and dry. The glove combines unique textures and materials for a high-performance look.

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