Maverik Lacrosse Rome Gloves: Tech (Video)

29 Feb

Maverik’s taken D1 college sports by storm this year with their new Rome line. After the jump, check out the Maverik release on the research and development that went into the newest Rome gloves. We would know…

“Our products evolve just like elite athletes do,” said John Gagliardi, founder and President of Maverik Lacrosse. “The Maverik research and development team worked tirelessly to engineer the ultimate lacrosse glove for both today’s best lacrosse players and tomorrow’s.”

In addition to player and goalie gloves, the Rome line includes superior shoulder and arm protection. Maverik will be unveiling the rest of its Rome equipment line and all the new 2012 products this fall. Visit the Maverik Lacrosse Facebook page for the latest gear, news and updates on all Maverik athletes.

Product Specs:

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither were these. The Rome Glove is the pinnacle of our research and development efforts, featuring an all-star roster of Maverik innovations.Johnny Christmas insisted on our new DuraStretch fibers in the palms and fingers forunhindered flex. SeamlessPalm and Sharkskin add supreme durability and feel. Also new for 2012, XFoam technology minimizes impact while the Thermoblast coating ensuresmaximum cooling and comfort. Rome is Maverik engineering worthy of the gladiators who wear them.

Tech Features:

• Durastrech

• Thermoblast

• XFoam

• Seamless Palm

• Sharkskin

• BeatDownLiner

• SharkGel

• Dilloflex

Sizes: 12″ and 13″

Player Gloves MAP $174.99

Goalie Gloves MAP $184.99

Stock Colors: (IN STORES OCTOBER 2012) Black, Red, Navy, Royal, Forest, Maroon, Orange, White

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  1. Brax October 12, 2012 at 7:02 PM #

    Come back! YOU STOPPED POSTING. THIS WAS MY FAVORITE BLOG. I CAME HERE EERYDAY. I know you’re busy with college obviously. But idk once a week?

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